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Bosch AquaStar Tankless Water Heaters

The Bosch AquaStar is designed to last. The quality of the AquaStar begins with this inside story: all water parts are solid copper or solid brass. The unit is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum. Unlike tank heaters, every part is replaceable or recyclable. Properly maintained, this may be the last water heater you ever buy.

  • all water parts are solid copper or solid brass
  • unit is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum
  • casing is finished with baked epoxy
  • heat exchanger is made of solid copper
  • burners are made of stainless steel
  • unit has a safety thermocouple and overheat shutoff protection
  • CSA design certified
  • compliant with ASHRAE 90.1
  • 82% efficiency rating and .80 energy factor
  • longest warranty (12 years on the heat exchanger)


Save Energy and Money
When hot water shuts off, the AquaStar shuts off.

Built to Last
Solid brass and copper water parts, stainless steel burners and copper heat exchanger.

60 years of tankless water heating experience, and an unparalleled reputation for manufacturing quality.

Brand Model Input (Btu) Efficiency Flow Rate (@ 55F rise) Vent Type Vent Size Ignition System Heat Exchanger Warranty Major Applications Supported
Bosch 2700ES 199,000 82% 7.2 GPM Direct (Room Sealed) 3" Electronic 12 years Two to three
2400ES 175,000 82% 6.3 GPM Direct (Room Sealed) 3" Electronic 12 years Two
125FX 130,000 82% 3.6 GPM Forced 4 Electronic 12 years One
1600H 117,000 82% 3.3 GPM Natural 5 Hydro 12 years One
1600P 117,000 82% 3.3 GPM Natural 5 Pilot 12 years One
1600PS 117,000 82% 3.3 GPM Natural 5 Pilot 12 years One
1000P 40,000 80% 1.2 GPM Natural 4 Pilot 12 years One in a warm climate


All Installation manuals are located on the Technical page located/linked at the top of every web page.

Technical Page

buynow.gif (475 bytes)$1065.00 buynow.gif (475 bytes)$1065.00
AquaStar 2700ES Natural Gas includes wall mounting brackets, pressure relief valve. AquaStar 2700ES Propane includes wall mounting brackets, pressure relief valve.

buynow.gif (475 bytes)$989.00 buynow.gif (475 bytes)$989.00
AquaStar 2400ES Natural Gas includes wall mounting brackets, pressure relief valve. AquaStar 2400ES Propane includes wall mounting brackets, pressure relief valve.
buynow.gif (475 bytes)$569.00

AquaStar 1600P NG  no pilot and no electricity!

buynow.gif (475 bytes)$569.00

AquaStar 1600P LP no pilot and no electricity!

buynow.gif (475 bytes)$669.00

AquaStar 1600H NG  no pilot and no electricity!

buynow.gif (475 bytes)$669.00

AquaStar 1600H LP no pilot and no electricity!




AquaStar125FX    Built-in power vent which allows horizontal venting up to 15' when a chimney is not feasible. Also has an electronic ignition.  Aqua Star 125Fx and Fxhood sold together.  Click here for a photo of the Fxhood,  the FXhood is the wall vent terminator with back flow protection. 
buynow.gif (475 bytes)$739.00

AquaStar 125FX Natural Gas INCLUDES  FXhood, wall brackets and pressure relief valve.

buynow.gif (475 bytes)$739.00

AquaStar 125FX Propane INCLUDES FXhood, wall brackets and pressure relief valve.

buynow.gif (475 bytes) $120.00
FXHood  Wall Vent Terminator for FX models 125FX and 240FX.    The 125FX pricing below includes the FXhood.  The Fxhood for horizontal venting.  If you are venting out through a side wall and are purchasing the Aqua Star 240FX, you will need this part.  The FXhood has a back flow vent already included in the product.


buynow.gif (475 bytes)$499.00        AquaStar 125B  LP buynow.gif (475 bytes)$499.00        AquaStar 125B NG

Aqua Star 125B Click Here for Technical Information

The perfect home Hot Water Machine can deliver a constant never-ending supply of hot water at safe temperatures. Designed to be the central hot water heater for your home, and it will provide endless hot water for showers, tubs, laundry, dishes and more - but not all at once. Like the larger model, it can be used commercially.



buynow.gif (475 bytes)$599.00        AquaStar 125B LPS Solar buynow.gif (475 bytes)$599.00          AquaStar 125B NGS Solar

Aqua Star 125BS   Solar  Click Here for Technical Information

Specifically designed as a backup to pre-heated water produced by solar based system, the 125 BS features a thermostatic control for steady outlet- regardless of incoming temperatures. This unit uses minimal to zero energy when the solar heater is already at desired temperature.



buynow.gif (475 bytes)  $309.00

Aqua Star 38 LP

buynow.gif (475 bytes) $309.00

Aqua Star 38 NG

Aqua Star 38B    Click Here for Technical Information

A small, point-of-use water heater for cottages, camps and other applications such as farms and ranches. Will provide a shower at 1.5 gallons/minute if ground water is at least 60.




  $259.00 AquaStar can be power vented, so a chimney does not have to be made if you do not have a chimney now.

Click Here for more information on Power Vents  powerventdia.gif (2366 bytes)

The AQ1 is used for side wall venting with the Aqua Star 125B, 125X, 125BL and 125BS.



  The AquaStar  Warranty  

AquaStar water heaters are warranted by the Bosch will furnish a replacement heat exchanger and will furnish a replacement of any other part which fails in normal use and service within the applicable periods specified below, in accordance with the terms of this warranty. The Bosch Water Heating replacement will be warranted for the unexpired portion of the original warranty. This warranty will be valid only for water heaters in possession of the original purchaser as recorded on the warranty card.

The Heat Exchanger
If the heat exchanger fails within twelve (12) years after the original installation and operation, Bosch Water Heating will furnish a replacement heat exchanger. However, if the water heater is installed in other than a single family dwelling, or is used as a circulating heater in any application, this heat exchanger warranty is limited to two (2) years from date of original installation and operation.

All Other Parts
If any other part fails within two (2) years after original installation and operation, Bosch Water Heating will furnish a replacement part free of charge.

Shipping Costs
In addition to supplying the replacement part(s), Bosch Water Heating will provide ground service delivery for these parts. Expedited or upgraded shipping will be charged to the customer.

This warranty does not cover any labor costs associated with service, removal or re-installation of part(s). All such costs must be borne by the Purchaser.

This warranty will not apply:
1. to defects or malfunctions resulting from failure to properly install, operate or maintain the unit in accordance with the printed instructions provided;
2. to damage or abuse, accident, neglect or freezing and other acts of nature;
3. to damage resulting from operation with either the thermocouple or overheat sensor removed;
4. to failure of the heat exchanger resulting from the operation of the water heater in a corrosive atmosphere or at water temperatures exceeding the maximum rating, or if the water heater is not supplied with potable water.
5. to defects or damage cause by any attachment or modification, including any energy-saving device.

Note: The water heater must be free of damaging scale deposits and not subject to gas pressures greater than those shown on the rating plate, which must not be altered, defaced or removed.

It has come to our attention that products from Bosch Water Heating are being sold through on-line auctions and other unauthorized distribution channels. We believe that in some cases there are legitimate consumers trying to sell product that they have purchased through legitimate distribution channels. However, we are finding that some of the merchandise has actually been stolen from our customers. Please be advised that our product warranty is void with respect to stolen goods. Further, we reserve the right to require a legitimate sales receipt showing that the product was purchased from one of our customers in order to provide warranty coverage.

How to Make a Claim
1. The Owner should contact the dealer who sold the water heater covered by this warranty or
2. Owner should submit the warranty claim directly to Bosch Water Heating at the address listed below, and they will arrange for the handling of the claim.
3. Whenever any inquiry or service request is made, be sure to include the water heater model number, the date of manufacture, date of installation, Dealer's name and the watts and voltage.
4. When returning the water heater or component part(s), they must be individually tagged and identified with the Returned Goods Authorization # issued by Bosch Water Heating and shipped prepaid to Bosch Water Heating at the address below.

No one is authorized to make any other warranties on behalf of Bosch Water Heating. It is expressly understood that the replacement warranty of Bosch Water Heating shall be in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose, and further that Bosch Water Heating shall not be liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from the use of the hot water heater, or for any consequential damages arising from such use (including damages from water leakage). Bosch Water Heating's sole liability with respect to any defect shall be for the replacement of defective part(s). Some states do not allow such limitations and exclusions, so the above may not apply to you. This warranty gives specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state. In the event that warranty service is required, reasonable proof of the effective date of installation and operation must be provided; otherwise it may not be possible to honor warranty.
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