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Electric Water Heaters


Main page:  Takagi Tk-1


Photo's of optional products and installations

Energy Guide    

HOW FLASH WORKS (Temperature rises)

Flash Tankless Water Heater or a Storage Tank?

Technical Page    (Installation manual)

Installation Diagrams


Takagi TM-1 PDF file:

Click here for the TM-1 web page


Takagi TK-2 PDF file:

Click here for the TK-2 web page



Main page: Aqua Star

Installation manuals

Aqua Star Power Vents

Specification Chart for all Aqua Star Models

Ten Year Warranty

The right sized tankless water heater

 Aqua Star 170 has been discontinued.  The  Takagi Tk-1 with the remote control is a comparable unit.


NEW Aqua Star Model  AS 125 FX

Information to follow

Click here for the Installation manual


NEW Aqua Star Model  AS 240 FX

Information to follow

Click here for the Installation manual

Main page: Paloma

Paloma specifications for all models

Paloma Installation 

Paloma Technical Support


Gas Installation information

PDF Files for Gas Water Heaters

Technical Links for all tankless water heaters


Main page: Ecotherm

Diagram of interior clearances

:Diagram of exterior clearances

Technical information for Ecotherm

Sizing your room heater (See U.S. map at the bottom of web page)
























Return Policy

  • 20% restocking fee for products returned without the following return policy exceptions:
    Damage in shipment
    Wrong unit sent.
    The company does not pay for extra shipping when it is not the fault of the company or shipping company.

  • 50% restocking fee for products that are returned and have been unboxed or  previously installed.  To eliminate the possibility of returns call us so we can help you determine which water heater best fits your needs.


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