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(ASAQIPOWERVENT) AQ1 Vent Kit for AquaStar 1600PS, 125B and 125HX Tankless Heaters

Only: $279.00




The AQ1 power vent with built-in freeze protection is designed for the Bosch AquaStar 1600PS (Solar), 125B (Pilot), 125BS (Solar) and 125HX (Hydro Iginition) tankless water heaters. This accessory allows the Bosch 1600PS, 125B, 125BS and 125HX units to vent horizontally.

The AQ1 is a power vent kit and will allow a vent run of 100 feet (subtract 5 feet for every elbow). This kit includes the vent terminator (FX Hood) and the AQ1 FLAPPER.

Please note that the AQ4 must be used with the Bosch 1600H and 1600P heaters.



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