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   My Visit To The Doctor   


This may be the No. 1 video about going No. 2.  Shot from the kids' point of view, this tape features lots of bathroom shots, testimonials from older children discussing their histories on the pot and six original songs addressing growing up, getting potty seats and wearing underpants.  ("My potty, my potty, I have my very own/I used to wear a diaper, but now you've seen I've grown."  The euphemisms get more vivid, but the songs are complex enough that little ones probably won't develop potty mouth from trying to sing along.)  Of course, any amount of parental suffering in front of the TV is worth it if the tape actually works.

Early results were encouraging.  My 2 year old son expressed displeasure while the tape was on, but--really--asked to use the potty the next day.  A friend's 2 1/2 year old girl didn't need even a day, racing to the bathroom (really!)  during the first showing.  Her twin brother watched with interest, but was, shall we say, unmoved.  Maybe it's the power of seeing other kids doing it.  Or maybe it's the songs.  Whatever.  The tape seems to help.  But don't expect miracles:  As the included booklet points out, the full potty-training process may take months.  Wee!
Scott Moore  Washington Post, June 1996

"My 3 1/2 year old Chris was having a difficult time learning to use the toilet, I tried everything, but he was to afraid of the toilet he would kick and scream"  After viewing "Now I Can Potty!" a few times he started using the toilet and soon was singing the songs from the video as he sat on the potty.  "It gave him the confidence to go on the toilet."
T. Fleig,   Mentor, Ohio


  THE NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FINALIST AWARD CHILDREN'S PROGRAM HOME VIDEO 1996 "Children play on swing sets and sit at picnic tables coloring with crayons.  Lilting music plays in the background.  Suddenly, one of the children gets "that" urge.  As the young child on the video runs into the house to use the bathroom, my 20-month-old daughter heads for our bathroom and drags her own special potty in front of the television.  She sits on it - fully clothed - as she watches, totally enthralled with the new video "Now I Can Potty!" Marcy Oster, Jewish News Health & Fitness, July 12th, 1996 

"This tape is an excellent way to introduce a toddler to the toilet learning process.  The accurate and explicit material is presented in an entertaining fashion.  I recommend it highly."  Elizabeth Kark, M.D.

  K.I.D.S. CARE!

10% of the net profit from the sale of this Videotape will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, Ohio.

   My Visit To The Doctor    

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